A fast diet method that you can easily do at home every day

Being overweight can make your appearance less attractive, as well as having a negative impact on your health. Therefore, dieting to lose weight is important. Dieting is an activity for losing weight, of which there are many types, from vegan diets to carbohydrate diets. Having a healthy and fit body with an ideal weight is the desire of many people. Because, this is also a reference for body health so that it avoids various diseases.

Unfortunately, quite a few people use slot instant weight loss methods without paying attention to the effects. Being overweight or obese is one of the factors that can cause a person to develop various diseases. Starting from heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. How to lose weight by resisting the urge to eat is not effective. When you eat too little, your body will experience a lack of nutrition, and sometimes also a lack of fluids.

1. Measuring Body Mass Index (BMI)

The first step in a healthy diet program to lose weight is to measure the body mass index. This stage can show information about a person’s weight and nutritional status, whether it is ideal, less, or more.

If the BMI calculation shows that a person is overweight, the next step is to implement a customized diet program. For example, people who are overweight need to lose 5 to 10 percent of their weight at the start of the measurement.

2. Consume foods that contain protein and fiber

The next fast diet method is to consume foods with protein and fiber. For example, egg whites, lean meat, yoghurt, sea fish, nuts and cheese.

3. Drink more water

Drinking water before eating can suppress excessive appetite and make you feel full quickly, so that the calorie intake that enters the body can be reduced. In addition, you are also advised to drink a glass of water first when hungry, because signs of dehydration sometimes resemble hunger.

4. Get enough sleep

In fact, lack of sleep can slow down the process of converting calories into energy. This process is called metabolism. When it doesn’t work optimally, the body will store unused energy as fat. Apart from that, sleep duration also affects the control of the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Both are hormones that regulate appetite. If sleep time does not match your needs, the levels of these two hormones will increase, triggering weight gain.

5. Breakfast Eggs

At breakfast, it’s best to consume eggs, detikers. Because eating eggs in the morning can increase feelings of fullness and make people consume fewer calories during the next 36 hours. Apart from that, eggs are rich in protein and important nutrients such as choline. Therefore, eggs are one of the best breakfast menus before activities.

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