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Who is Ottawa Piano Moving Specialist?

Move your piano on time and with ease by choosing our team of specialists. Our team has 5 years plus experience combined to provide you a premium piano moving service that is sure to keep our clients happy. All your piano related issues are resolved at this one place. We begin the process after complete consideration of the details like the route to take, the specs of piano, the requirements etc. our safe handling ensures to keep the piano secure during the transit. You do not have to worry about a single thing. Our research team does all the research before we begin moving your piano to avoid any inconvenience.
We realize the importance of your piano and thus couple our professionalism with personal dedication. At any point you can even consult our team regarding the process and make sure you are fully satisfied before handing over your piano to us. This is how far we go to satisfy our customers.This makes us the best piano moving company in Ottawa.

Our Mission

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    Fast ServiceOur team moves your piano to another city in less time thus providing fastest piano moving services to the people of Ottawa and creating new records of fast service.
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    100% AccuracyWe leave no stone unturned while moving your piano and make sure it is delivered with 100% accuracy.
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    Safety & GuaranteeOur team of piano movers consists of experienced and skilled professionals for safe delivery of your piano anywhere you want.

We ensure safe and careful handling of your piano to keep it intact during moving. We eliminate the risk of mis -handling of your piano during the transit making us the most reliable option for you.

Whether it is moving of piano or storage we do it all with accuracy and precision leaving no room for a mistake.

Piano moving and storing is one phone call away with our 24/7 service availability and our efficient customer support that is available all the time for your assistance. So we are just one call away from you any time of any day.

We have safe and secure warehouses for storing your piano for longer periods of time until you need them back.

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Why customers love us

We are passionate about customers

What makes us the best choice for you for moving or storing your piano? It is our commitment to your work and the professionalism of our team. We are passionate about providing the best piano moving services to our clients which is evident from the exquisite feedback we get from our customers. 

We handle your piano with care and personal dedication so as to ensure that your piano is well taken care of. We avoid any mis-handling that might be harmful to your piano while moving it through long distance or saving it at our storage houses.