Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to move a piano?

Our price varies depending on a few factors such as the height of the piano, distance between drop-off and pickup locations, indoor staircases and any turns or landings on said staircases.

How do you move Piano?

After establishing how we will maneuver the piano on the staircases if there are any, we also find the best path to move the piano through the given location. We wrap every piano in moving blankets, plastic wrap, and packing tape and use protective corner pads to prevent damage to the piano. The last thing we do is choose the best dolly for the job based on piano size and staircases involved and then use our planned route to ensure a safe move every time.

How many men does it take to move a piano?

Most piano moves require two men depending on the circumstances such as indoor staircases, landing on staircase, width of staircase and size of piano. For more difficult moves we require three to four movers to accomplish the move.


After we have securely wrapped your piano to ensure no damage to your property, we place a running floor mat on the staircase to prevent any damage to the staircase. Once everything is ready and the piano is strapped to a dolly that is designed for the task at hand, we then carefully move the piano up or down the staircase and maneuver the piano when needed to compensate for any landings or turns to ensure a safe move every time.

We have safe and secure warehouses for storing your piano for longer periods of time until you need them back.

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